Vehicle Trackers

One of the things we get asked about most here at ML Auto Keys Automotive Locksmiths is vehicle trackers. Specifically, ‘is it worthwhile getting a tracker?’, ‘how are they fitted?’ and ‘where can I get one?’

The first thing we can say is that it is always worth having a tracker fitted to your vehicle for several reasons. Did you know also that it is not just cars which can have trackers fitted but also:

  • Vans
  • Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • Caravans and motorhomes
  • Marine machinery
  • Tractors and other farm machinery
Basically, anything of yours which you value is worth protecting from theft.

Why You Should Install a Vehicle Tracker

More motorists and owners of expensive vehicles of all kinds are coming round to the idea of having a tracker installed and in fact some insurance companies now request it particularly for high value vehicles or high-risk areas.

Vehicle theft of all kinds is endemic in the UK and thieves are constantly it seems one step ahead of car manufacturers, and the public, when it comes to working out how to defeat standard locks and security features.

We at ML Auto Keys are only too happy to advise you on upgrading your locks but for the ultimate in vehicle protection we can also advise on what is the best type of vehicle tracker and subscription for your vehicle and your situation.

The category of tracker you require will depend on your location and how your vehicle is used, and insurance companies are usually very specific on whether a basic tracker or a more sophisticated one such as an S5 tracker will be adequate. In all cases, a Thatcham approved vehicle tracker is a must, as Thatcham is the accepted industry standard, and trusted to provide the safest security. It goes without saying therefore that our vehicle trackers and the installation of them are all Thatcham approved.

The Main Benefits of a Vehicle Tracker

Having a Thatcham approved GPS vehicle tracker professionally installed will see a reduction in your motor insurance premium in recognition of the extra protection given. Crucially, a vehicle tracker provides the best chance of you getting your vehicle recovered quickly as the tracker will send out an alert to your phone and/or to a control monitoring centre so ensuring that swift action can be taken to recover your vehicle.

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