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Locked Out of Your Car?

In the olden days of traditional car key design, it was a common occurrence for automotive locksmiths to be called by someone who had locked themselves out of the car. The sight of the car keys still inside the vehicle with the doors firmly locked usually meant a long wait for someone to turn up and attempt to get into the car by any means possible, sometimes causing damage to the car in the process.

Luckily, when you call a modern auto locksmith you can be assured that not only will you be back in your vehicle quickly but also with no damage done.

So How is it Done?

A qualified and approved automotive locksmith has several tools at their disposal to effectively gain rapid entry to a locked vehicle whether the vehicle has a traditional key or a keyless entry system and regardless of how your vehicle has locked itself.

If your car has a keyless remote entry system with a key fob and the locking system has failed to work properly so that you can’t get back into the car this is likely to be due to the failure of the transponder, or chip, inside the fob. In a case like this we can provide a duplicate programmed copy of the original fob.

In a case where the key fob is lost or otherwise unavailable, we can run a test to establish the radio signal used by the transponder in your car’s key fob then replicate the signal which unlocks your car doors.

Older cars which have a traditional key and manual locks are probably the easiest to deal with. With the assistance of the provision of your vehicle details a replacement key can be provided to get you on your way after the locksmith has gained entry to your car. Our qualified locksmiths are equipped with the required skills and knowledge along with the correct tools to effectively gain rapid entry into your locked car.

If your car has a key with a transponder in it then the process is a little longer as a new key has to be cut and a new transponder programmed in order to disable the car’s immobiliser.

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