Van Locks

Here in the UK van theft and theft from vans is on the rise with the latest figures up to 2019 showing an increase of a massive 81%. Unsurprisingly the Mercedes Sprinter and the Ford Transit, including their variants come first and second on the list of most-stolen vans.

And of course, having your van stolen is bad enough but often it’s what is kept in your van which is the target for thieves. Tools and work equipment top this particular list, followed by personal items and electrical devices. However, ultimately, anything which is left on show in your van can be a target.

The sad fact is that when it comes to van theft you are unlikely to ever see your property again. Having essential work equipment stolen is a huge blow which can cost you dearly and getting insurance after repeated thefts can be prohibitively expensive.

Upgrade Your Locks

Whether your van is an older model, or a brand new all-singing all-dancing model fitted with an up to date alarm and immobiliser system, don’t assume that the standard locks and security are going to prevent anybody from trying to make off with your pride and joy or whatever’s in the back. Van manufacturers do their best, but a determined thief is not easily deterred from trying their luck if they thinks they stand a chance of quickly getting past the locks.

The most common ways for a thief to gain access to a van with standard locks is basically by employing brute force to break the locks or simply by picking the lock, although this takes a little more time.

With this in mind, there has never been a better time to think about upgrading the security on your van and that can mean adding to the standard manufacturers’ locks with something a little more robust.

Make It Difficult For Thieves

Some van owners try to make it as difficult as possible for van thieves by simply adding more locks to their van alongside the standard locks, the idea being that the more locks there are the longer it will take to break in. Others want much stronger locks or concealed locking systems. Deadlocks are a popular choice as these are extremely difficult to pick or break open.

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