Vehicle Alarms and Immobilisers

With vehicle theft increasing year on year and thieves becoming ever more sophisticated in the methods they employ to steal vehicles and to steal from vehicles, owners are constantly worried about whether the standard anti-theft security on their vehicle is up to the job.

Here at ML Auto Keys we are frequently approached for advice on whether it is worthwhile installing an alarm and/or immobiliser on vehicles, to which we can only reply – yes it absolutely is worthwhile for several good reasons.

While your vehicle’s standard locks provide a certain level of protection this is very basic and often not enough to stop a determined thief. Our master locksmiths can advise on upgrading your locks where feasible, but for a higher level of protection, we would always advise you to consider a quality alarm and immobiliser system.

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ML Auto Keys are approved installers for some of the following; Autowatch, LaserLine, Scorpion, Sigma, Datatool, Meta & StarLine.

Vehicle Alarms & Immobilisers ML Auto Keys

     Vehicle Alarms & Immobilisers ML Auto Keys

Why Do I Need An Alarm And Immobiliser?

Vehicle Alarms & Immobilisers ML Auto KeysThieves want to steal your vehicle as quickly as possible and with the minimum fuss so anything you can do to disrupt his activities is essential to keep your pride and joy safe. An alarm is the first line of defence. If a vehicle is interfered with by someone who doesn’t have the ignition key or fob it can detect this. Any movement in or around the car within a set range will activate a loud alarm, alerting you to the attempted theft.

If a vehicle doesn’t have an alarm fitted or if the alarm has been disabled, the second and more effective line of defence is the immobiliser. An engine immobiliser is basically an electronic chip embedded into the vehicle’s ECU (engine control unit, part of the engine management system). This stops the engine from starting unless you do so, using the vehicle’s authorised key or fob which will contain a unique security code.

Here at ML Auto Keys we are qualified to supply and fit engine immobiliser systems together with the appropriate coded key or key fobs.

Advantages Of An Alarm Immobiliser

Our fully qualified staff are proud to supply Thatcham approved alarm and immobiliser systems as this is the recognised industry standard for vehicle security.

By having a Thatcham approved system professionally installed to your vehicle you will have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is protected at all times against theft with the added bonus that your insurer will more than likely reduce your premiums accordingly.

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