Spare Car Keys Cut and Programmed

In days gone by, car locks were a much simpler affair than they are today which is one of the things that unfortunately made cars easier to steal. The upside was that you could go virtually anywhere to get a new key cut if you lost yours.

Drivers today have all the advantages that modern lock technology brings in that with one press of a button on a key or key fob you can unlock the doors or just the tailgate for loading. With some, you can even switch on the headlights or interior lights as you approach the car, so there’s no more fiddling with the key in the rain.

The technology is wonderful….until it stops working. This could be because the signal between the key or fob and the transponder is lost. You will then find you can’t get into your car because the key has stopped working, and you might not have the spare with you.

Key Fobs and Remotes Programmed

We are qualified and approved auto locksmiths who can help you with key fob repairing, replacing or programming.

Spare Car Keys Cut & Programmed ML Auto KeysMany people believe they can reprogramme their car key themselves, but this is not recommended as you could cause more problems than you started out with.

This is because the key has a code inbuilt which is unique to the car and allows you to start the engine when you insert the key into the ignition. Without the correct code, the engine will not start because the immobiliser is still engaged. In addition, most cars now have transponder keys as standard as well as the normal ignition key.

A transponder is a chip located in the car key which communicates with the car’s onboard computer including the immobiliser and gives an extra layer of security.

So essentially, if you don’t know the unique code which applies to your car the best thing to do when your car key fob or remote stops working properly is to call us straight away.

We can cut and programme new keys to use as spares and we can programme your new fob or key to the vehicle’s exact specification and get you moving again.

Call or email us with details of your car’s make and model and we’ll assist you in getting access to your vehicle quickly, and without fuss. That’s what we’re here for.

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